About Me



Hello. I am Hannah Celeste the Mexican girl (descendent) from, “Out in the West Texas Town of El Paso”. Thank you Marty Robins. For years in El Paso, I was involved in regional theatre, professional theatre, dance groups, and choir. I especially had the wonderful privilege to perform with the El Paso Opera Company. They brought in artists from New York, and we got the rights to adapt the location of Ciudad Juárez in a contemporary version of Westside Story for the Plaza. The influence of the talented artists that the Opera Company brought in, was ultimately the catalyst for me to leave and explore new possibilities outside of my hometown.


   After leaving my hometown, and my lovely theatre students, I made my journey to a much bigger city, Los Angeles, California. I tell many people that I came to Los Angeles, simply to live. My elaboration on that is to be a working actress and an all around advocate and supporter of the arts. The ability to interact with SO many creative minds with worlds of vision is truly inspirational. This melting pot of a location has held a plethora of experiences, to say the least, and life has been about enjoying this journey. This is only the beginning of many years to grow as an artist and a human being. Not to mention I love being able to go to the beach and hike, or take a Yoga and Zumba class all in the same day.


   The ability to act is a blessing that I believe is a gift I must honor. Whether it is for one person, or an entire amphitheater, on stage, or in front of the camera, the power of human connection and self discovery are my passion.  It’s what I love to do, and I believe in my ability.  I desire to grow out here and bring more of my style to the work.